Alpine Structural provide detailed In-depth 3D Measured Surveys on all types of properties

Our surveys are conducted by fully qualified engineers who boast years of experience.

Our reports provide vital information for buildings so it is fully understood what is required for your specific needs. This allows our clients to make structured plans for any required works, based on timescales and predicted expenditure.

A 3D Measured Survey involves extracting the exact measurements from a domestic or commercial building and producing a highly accurate data base that can be used for building works or architectural purposes.

By utilising a 3D Measured Survey, it allows us to capture small and hard to get to places and take measurements of every aspect in a building such as:

  • Areas around pipes
  • Ceiling beams
  • Complex spaces

3D laser scanning in a Measured Building Survey allows us to capture hundreds of accurately measured points on any surface. By using a laser which is placed in strategic places, it enables the camera to gather live photos and data from all different angles.

Benefits of a 3D Building Survey


Using the technology that we do, it means that our surveyors are always on the ground. With the 3D scanner acting and carrying out all of the works that a fully qualified surveyor would normally do during a a survey, it means that they now are not required to be in and around hazardous working environments or at dangerous heights.


Unlike a normal survey which used more traditional methods such as the use of ladders, a variety of different equipment for different areas and visually assessing every part of a structure, the 3D laser scanner works independently and in a fast manner. With the scanner capturing hundreds of accurate bits of information, it means that no site re-visits to double check measurements are required.


With the 3D survey producing such accurate results, it eliminated the possibility of any errors occurring which can result in costly delays, incorrect materials and most of all, wasted time and resources. With the specialist equipment constantly backing up, it is reassuring to know that no data will be lost.

How do I know if a 3D Laser Measured Building Survey is for me and my project?

  • If you are undertaking a renovation, extension or new property project
  • If you need accurate drawings for building or architectural purposes
  • To help with building applications