Level 3 RICS Building Surveyor in Eastbourne


Level 3 RICS Building Surveyor in Eastbourne

Over 30 years experience.

Alpine Structural offers clients detailed Level 3 RICS Building Surveys in East Sussex.

Level 3 RICS Building Surveys in Eastbourne, East Sussex, are carried out by fully accredited members of RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors).

A RICS survey is often the “go to” building survey of choice.

Th Level 3 Full Building Survey will provide a comprehensive assessment of the structure and condition of your property.

The survey will include an estimated cost of any repairs required.

The detail provided in this type of survey will give you a thorough understanding of what you are buying.

Industry guidelines recommend Full Building Surveys if your property is old, run-down, large, or has unusual features.

If you plan to do any significant work to the property this is the recommended survey to have carried out.

How long does it take to do a level 3 RICS  Building survey?

This depends on the size of the property and the current condition of the property.

For larger buildings, the time to complete a survey may take several hours, or a couple of days.

How quickly does it take to get a level 3 RICS survey report?

Surveyors typically finalise their reports same day or next day, depending on their workload.

You should expect to receive your Level 3 RICS survey report within 48hrs as a guide. 

What is involved in the Level 3 Building Survey? 

  • A bespoke report tailored specifically to you and your property.
  • The surveyor will assess any potential issues you may be concerned about. 
  • The survey covers all accessible areas, including, cellars, attics, under carpets and behind furniture.
  • Proper checks on the performance of the household services.
  • The report will cover major building issues so that a full understanding of its condition is met.
  • The surveyor will discusses the implications of these faults and record them in the report.
  • The structural integrity of the building is assessed to ensure it is safe.
  • Comments and advice on repairs already carried out.
  • Details of building works carried out in the past.
  • Discusses repair options for defects, including timescales, cause of defects and scope, timescale and cost of remedial work and…
  • Discusses future maintenance of the property and the scope and costs of maintaining the building and
  • Reinstatement costs and market valuation based on findings of the report and similar houses in Eastbourne.


    Details of the Level 3 Building Survey:


    Level 3 RICS Building Surveyor in Eastbourne

    The surveyor will attempt to open all windows where possible and move any possessions because he doesn’t want to risk any damage.


    Level 3 RICS Building Surveyor in Eastbourne
    The surveyor will enter the roof space, visually inspect it and where possible, will lift corners of insulation to assess the insulation itself and the ceiling surface below.


    Level 3 RICS Building Surveyor in Eastbourne
    Carpets or loose floor coverings will be lifted to inspect the condition of the floors.

    Slopes and deflections will be measured and recorded in the survey report.

    If possible, the surveyor will carry out a detailed inspection of the underfloor area.

    To do this he may enter the under-floor area or use cameras or mirrors he will have to hand.

    How much does a RICS Level 3 Survey cost?

    This is dependent on the size of the property and the clients requirements.

    For an accurate fixed quote and helpful advice, call 0330 333 9238

    4 thoughts on “Level 3 RICS Building Surveyor in Eastbourne

    1. Mr Andrew Garret says:

      I used these guys a few weeks ago and the service was second to none. They carried out a very detailed survey accompanied by a detailed report. What was more of a pleasing sight was the fact the building was generally in a good state of repair despite a builder informing us we required major works to be carried out or the house would literally fall down!
      I would definitely recommend this company for peace of mind and and unbiased opinion on the true condition of your home.

      • Alpine Surveys says:

        Thank you Andrew, for your kind words. It gives us great pleasure to read feedback like yours and we are delighted to hear your mind is now at rest in relation to your concern about the property.

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