• Members of the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and MFPWS (Member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors).
  • Offices throughout the South of England including Greater London, with qualified Surveyors nearby. 
  • Party Wall Act Surveys in Westminster London are totally independent of all building contractors.
  • Over 30+ years of surveying experience.
  • Both Domestic and Commercial properties assessed and surveyed.

Alpine Surveys are experts with regards to Party Wall Act Surveys and the Party Wall Act.

With over 30 years surveying and building experience, we are here to support you through what can be a problematic process.

Our qualified Party Wall Act Surveys Westminster London support both the property owner where the works will be undertaken, and / or the adjacent owner(s).

With offices throughout the South of England including Greater London, we have Party Wall Surveyors ready to assist nearby.

Our Party Wall Surveyors will in effect control and monitor the process for you. this includes undertaking the required Building Condition Survey(s), producing the detailed report, in order that a complete condition record of the property(s) is obtained prior to commencing with the proposed works.

We will serve the required notices, and liaise with any other Surveyors that are involved.

The first step to get a Party Wall Surveyor in London is to give us a call on 0330 333 9238 to discuss the proposed building project.

We will assess the proposed plans, and fully ascertain who is affected by the works, and who should be notified.

In short we will walk you through the whole process, ensuring that the Party Wall Act is fulfilled correctly, and in turn all parties are covered. 


There are various scenarios that are considered to be a “party wall”. The main types of party walls are:

  1. A wall that stands on the lands of 2 (or more) owners and forms part of a building – this wall can be part of one building only or separate buildings belonging to different owners.
  2. A wall that stands on the lands of 2 owners but does not form part of a building, such as a garden wall but not including timber fences.
  3. A wall that is on one owner’s land but is used by 2 (or more) owners to separate their buildings.
  4. The Act also uses the expression ‘party structure’. This could be a wall or floor partition or other structure separating buildings or parts of buildings in different ownership, such as in flats


The Act covers:

  • New building on or at the boundary of 2 properties
  • Work to an existing party wall or party structure
  • Excavation near to and below the foundation level of neighbouring buildings
  • Building a new wall on or at the boundary of 2 properties
  • Cutting into a party wall
  • Making a party wall taller, shorter or deeper
  • Removing chimney breasts from a party wall
  • Knocking down and rebuilding a party wall
  • Digging below the foundation level of a neighbour’s property