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Structural Calculations & Drawings 

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Structural Calculations

All of our Structural Engineers have substantial experience regarding the working out of Structural Calculations.

Structural Calculations are detailed workings out that are performed before a construction or design project is undertaken.

They are important firstly because they are a requirement set by Building Regulations. Structural Calculations will allow you to be aware of any potential risks, without the calculations, there is no assurance that your walls will support the second floor of your building.

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    What is included in the Structural Calculations?

    • Our Structural Engineer will guide you through your project, and provide support from start to finish
    • Looking at potential risks to the build
    • Information on the foundations- how they will/should be dug, the requirements and measurements
    • Details of any reinforcements that are needed, e.g. steel and concrete reinforcements may be needed
    • Potential improvements that could be made to the building plan.

    Structural Drawings:

    Using specialist equipment and programmes, such as Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design), our Structural Engineers are able to design and complete Structural Drawings to a high standard and meet the requirements of all building regulations and codes of practice.

    Structural Drawings is a plan or set of plans for how a building or any sort of structure is built.

    The drawings are important because they will include information of load-carrying additions to a structure. They will clearly outline what is needed in the project, and confirm the types of materials needed along with their sizes.

    Our Structural Engineer will take measurements at a site visit, and is for preparing floor plan, section, and elevations. We measure the distances between walls, ceiling height, wall thickness, ceiling thickness etc.

    We provide Structural Calculations & Drawings for Domestic & Commercial Buildings

    We can supply structural calculations and drawings for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to, loft conversions, steel beams, conservatories, building extensions, commercial projects, industrial building designs…

    We cover a wide range of Structural Drawings & Calculations Services

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